Reloadable MasterCard Cards

The Ex-CRD PrePaid debit card is a prepaid credit card for all purpose and matter. It feels like one, looks like one and will work like one.

Reloadable (MasterCard) cards.  The cards are either one time load card ( e.g. gift card) or multi reloadable card

Excard loadable card is an alternative to cash or bank account, It has a 16-digit  ID number as well as a PIN code to use at  an ATM and a CVV number.  The Card is packed in a sealed envelope and is given to the customer at the time of the purchase and the end of the charge. The card is also designed in accordance with European standards of security regulations regarding theft transactions (EMV).

Ex-card  loadable card by MasterCard, enables purchasing  online secure, without the need of submitting  personal information. It enables control over expenses. It enables payment of bills by phone and online, saves time in payment of bills as well as waiting in line. In fact Excard is a safe, convenient, and an ideal alternative to cash or bank account. It is more secure and cheaper to use than a credit card abroad and international web sites*.

For the Master card loadable card purchase there is no need for bank account and no credit history check. Commissions and fees are lowe, especially abroad. Easy transferable to another person, and can easily be given to kids as an alternative to cash in order to manage budget without concern.

Safe, anonymous, effective and accessible to any transaction, everywhere, this is your e-international wallet, anywhere, for any purpose. 

Card features & benefits

Load with cash and credit cards
Withdrawal from ATMs
International world wide use Card
Control over expenses
Safe and convenient  alternative to cash
No need for a bank account and credit check
Secure purchase online and telephone
Charge card quickly and easily
The card can be loaded from one card to another**

*Compared to regular credit card issued by banks and local carriers
** If both cards are registered to the same person