What is a loadable ExCard card? 
Excard loadable card is an alternative to cash or credit card *, which is loaded at the time of the card purchase. It has its own 16-digit ID number and PIN to use at an ATM.  The card is packed in a sealed envelope and given to the customer at the time of acquisition and the end of the charge. The card is also designed in accordance with European standards of security regulations regarding theft transactions (EMV). 

* The card does not allow payment in installments or as deposits in hotels or car rental 

Who is the issuer of the card? 
The card is issued by a European bank and operates under the MasterCard® brand a global company. Expay Global is the authorized ISO (independent sell operation )in collaboration with the European Bank, in marketing and selling of the card in Israel. 

Where can I purchase the ExCard? 
You can purchase the Excard in selected currency conversion points (Change), which are licensed to load the card. These change points are located across the country, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south, in central Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the area to the east. 

What is minimum amount you can load the card? 
You can load the cards with the minimum amount of 50 EUR in one-loaded card and 100 EUR in a Multi- loadable card 

What transactions can be I make with the card? 
Excard can be used at any businesses and ATMs in the country and the world that accept Master Card®. Its uses can be as follows :
Cash withdrawal from an ATM, purchases or payment over the phone, purchasing products online, paying bills and any other payment transaction that we use cash. 

What are the advantages of the card? 

• Load cash
• Withdrawal from ATMs
• International Card
• Control over expenses
• Secure alternative to cash
• No need for a bank account and credit check
• Secure purchase online or on the telephone
• The card can be loaded from one card to another*
• Charge card quickly and easily 

* If both cards are registered to the same person 


So what is the difference between the loaded card and cash? 
- Lost or stolen card can be canceled 24/7 and get another card remaining amount - money that has been lost or stolen usually lost.
- Loaded card expenses are recorded and can be a list of all the activities on the Internet or the phone last 6 activities -
- Cash is hard to keep track of expenses.
- Loaded card can pay online - cash can not be bought online.
- The amount of money claimed is safe, easily entered wallet - high stakes difficult and dangerous to carry in your pocket or purse. 

How do I use my card at an ATM?
Simply insert your card as you would any ATM card and provide your pin number and enter the amount of cash desired.

Where can I use my card?
Your card can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted.

How do I load my card with funds?
In order to load the card for use please log on to your account . Enter your public number (the number you recieve with the envelope). Now fill in the details as requested along with the amount wanted. Enter your credit card details.

How do I check to see if my card is loaded? What my balance is or previous transactions?
Very simply log in to "my account" and enter your "public number" ( the number you recieved along with the envelope upon purchase of the card). Now enter your user code (typically the phone number you provided upon purchase), and the password you recieved upon purchase.

Now that you logged in look on to the menu to view your balance, previous transactions made with card as well as card history.
The cardholder may also call Expay Global's customer service hotline and receive the information after identifying personal detail.

How do I report a card that has been lost or stolen?
In order to cancel card a card please contact Expay as soon as possible either by telephone at
972 3 6033599 or at the www.expay-global.com website.

Please be prepared to answer identification questions pertaining to the card including username and password.
After initial questioning the card will be cancelled and a new one will immediately be sent to the cardholder.

How do I transfer money from one card to another?
In order to transfer funds from one card to another please go online to www.expay-global.com and click on to "my account". 
After providing username and password, please click on to "Card to Card money transfer." 
After entering the desired amount intended to be transferred answer questions for security precautions to allow the transfer of funds.