Ex- Pay Global Remittance Services

Ex-Pay Global has developed a number of modules in the the field of money transfers around the world. Ex-Pay's developments enable the customer to carry out highly automated global money transfers 24/7 to individuals or institutions with few simple steps at unbeatable prices....

To Our Business Customer:


To Our Private Customer:

Through the Ex-Pay Global Remittance system you can transfer funds to any bank account in the world and to any Ex-CRD in the world automatically 24/7 without the need for customer service and with no geographical restrictions.

Ex-Pay will provide you with an International number to access as wll as a smart IVR system to carry out money transfers, provided you have sufficient funds on your Ex-CRD debit card.

Ex-Pay allows the transfer of funds in the most convinient ways:

1. CARD To CARD - Transfer money between two EX-CRDS - If transfer of funds is conducted regulary to either family or business associates, an additional card is purchased and sent by mail to the reciepient or beneficiary of the funds that are transferred. Through Ex-Pay's automated system, you can transfer the funds online by means of the sophisticated IVR system.

2. CARD To BANK - Transfer of funds from an EX-CRD to a bank account anywhere in the world through:

  • Call Internationally to our Interactive voice response system and transfer funds to the designated account you chose upon registering. CALL:
  • Transfer funds online. Transfer money from EX - CRD to any bank account world wide. Fill out our EXPAY form and recieve confirmation of transfer online.