Ex-Pay Global is licensed by MasterCard to issue Prepaid Cards.

  • The Gift Card - One time load
  • The Pre-paid Debit Card - Reloadable
  • Virtual Card

EX-CRD - The Gift Card

  • The EX-CRD Gift Card is a one time load prepaid MasterCard
  • The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Once the funds are used, the card is discarded
  • The card can be fully customized including design and layout, name, and fee scheme

EX-CRD - The Debit Card

  • The EX-CRD PrePaid debit card is a prepaid credit card for all purpose and matter. It feels like one, looks like one and works like one
  • Global Coverage - The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Simple and secure- The card is simple to use and activates immediately. Track your activities and manage your card
  • No credit check or Bank account required
  • Powerful card features - High limit, High daily top up and withdrawls
  • Card-to-Card transfer - for easy remittance
  • Controlled spending - load the card with the desired amount
  • Easy online top-up
  • Includes a Chip and Pin