Ex-Crd Gift Card

Looking for a way to give money that is more convenient and safer than giving cash, which is also widely accepted and more versatile than 'store' gift cards and vouchers? The Ex-CRD Gift card is a one-time load prepaid MasterCard that is accepted in over 200 countries (just look for the MasterCard symbol).

An open-loop solution that lets consumers buy what they want, where they want. It offers a more convenient alternative to gift certificates, is safer than cash, and more flexible than single store cards.

  • The Ex-CRD Gift card is a one-time load Prepaid MasterCard.
  • The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Once the funds on the card are used the card is discarded.
  • The card can be fully customized
    • - Card design and layout
    • - Card sleeve design and layout
    • - Initial sum on card
    • - Name on card
    • - Scheme and Fees (ATM, POS, Management, etc)
  • The Ex-CRD Gift card can also be part of your loyalty program, when integrated with the Ex-CRD platform.