Ex-Pay has created an end to end currency conversion clearing and cash out service increasing margin and reducing overhead and risk. How it works – (Nice diagram needed) (think about making a movie with Old and New way.)

  1. Select the currency and conversion rate
  2. Process the customer’s credit card
  3. Provide the cash or a prepaid debit card.

Paperless currency conversion.

Benefits -
Advanced KYC (Know Your Customer and AML (Anti money Laundering) procedures are in-place to reduce fraud and money laundering.

Change Bureaus suffer from a bad reputation due to grey market and money laundering.The Change Bureaus work under the Ex-Pay brand.
As a high risk business, banks are reluctant to provide lines of credit. When they do its with high rates.Ex-Pay has a large line of credit as all our receivables are backed by credit card slips.
Credit card transactions require them to finance their inventory.Ex-Pay transfers the funds to the Change Bureau immediately.

Plastic Cash-in, Plastic Cash-out and everything in-between.