Acquiring , Selling, and Purchasing Currency

Ex-Pay Global's acquiring is a service that provides foreign currency convesion payment to Change Bureaus. Customers can pay with credit cards, or internet virtual wallets instead of cash.

Paperless Cash in, Paperless Cash out

Currently, consumers who need foreign currency usuaally withdraw cash from an ATM, proceed into a change bureau and purchase the desired currency. Ex-Pay's system allows these customers to use their credit cards to purchase foreign currency. Moreover, these consumers can either recieve cash or a debit card that is charged with the desired amount.

A Revolution in the Change Bureau Industry

The inventory of a Change Bureau is cash. Therefore, it is difficult for the Change Bureaus to work with credit card companies due to the time restrictions they impose before supplying the Change Bureau with cash. Ex-Pay's system provides the money immediately, thereby providing the Change Bureau the option to accept credit cards for currency conversion transactions. Using Ex-Pay's system reduces costs significantly.

Ex-Pay Global Acquiring system

  • Designed in cooperation with leading credit card companies to offer the optimal solution needed for credit card based curency conversion.
  • A unique solution, developed in -house and can be customized and tailored to the Change bureau's needs.
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Calculates a range of exchange rates, minimizing errors
  • Incudes a risk management policy certified by credit card companies to maximize fraud prevention