About us

Ex-pay acts as a distributor in selling co-branded MasterCard® cards in Israel. The co-brand product is issued by TBI Credit and is licensed by Mastercard®.

Ex-pay, established in 2005, caused a fundamental change in foreign currency purchases by offering an automated platform for the purchase of foreign currency by means of credit cards in Israel and around the world. In addition, the company has built  a system of marketing debit cards by model of  credit card structured for retailers (White Label, the platform will be adapted for use in different types of currencies and will serve as an alternative solution to the banking system and management of cash.

The company operates in the marketing and distribution of its products in cooperation with private financial sources.

One of the company's distribution channels is collaboration with the currency conversion points (Change). The company views these currency conversion points as full business partners in marketing its products and providing a real alternative to banks as well as to the postal office branches.

The company is a privately owned investment company owned by global entrepreneurs who operate in the field of global finance and the development of technological solutions and products (High-tech).